Lash Glue - Black Glue Master 5ml

Lash Glue - Black Glue Master 5ml

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Dries in 2-3 seconds.

TYPE: Strong
SETTING TIME: 2-3 seconds

COLOR: Black
SHELF TIME: Opened bottle about 3 months. Unopened bottle about 6 months.
MADE IN: South Korea

For professional use only!
You are responsible to ensure you are properly trained and can use it correctly!

The main ingredient in our adhesives are also used in liquid bandage instead of stitches after minor surgery and is less toxic, less fumes and less odor than other types of adhesives. Therefore, the customer must lie down and close their eyes throughout treatment. Client should not have contact lenses in their eyes during treatment.

The adhesives are approved for use in accordance with EU standards, they are also tested by us and is really great to work with.

We recommend that you DO NOT keep the glue in the refrigerator. But keep it in a dark and cool place.


  • Alkoxy-2 Cyanoacrylate
  • Polymethyl Methacrylate
  • Stabilizer
  • Carbon Black
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